• Don Trotti Records | Grateful for your support since 2014

    Grateful for your support since 2014

  • Don Trotti Records | Fostering long-term partnerships
    Fostering long-term partnerships: Connecting Switzerland with the global urban music community
  • Don Trotti | Embracing new musical frontiers
    Embracing new musical frontiers: Seeking adventures and challenges
  • Don Trotti Records | The union is strength
    The union is strength and strength we use to achieve our project
  • Don Trotti Records | Enhancing musical experiences
    Enhancing musical experiences: Bridging cultures around the world with Switzerland
  • Don Trotti Records | Unity

    Unity: The pathway to success

  • Don Trotti Records | Partners
    We collaborate with different partners who bring their material or financial support to our projects
  • Don Trotti Records | United for our mission

    United for our mission: Standing strong together

  • Don Trotti Records | Work Together
    We work together to mix different musical styles and allow young and old alike to emancipate themselves in the field of music
  • Don Trotti Records | Spreading our sound: Broadcasting through swiss and international FM/DAB and Web Radios
    Spreading our sound: Broadcasting through swiss and international FM/DAB and Web Radios

Don Trotti Records

In the vibrant tapestry of urban music, a distinctive beacon radiates from the heart of Switzerland: Don Trotti Records. Since its inception in 2014 by the entrepreneur Don Trotti, this Swiss label has rapidly solidified its position as a stronghold of creativity and ingenuity within the urban music sphere in Switzerland and all around the world.

Latest Videos Projects

Latest Musics Projects

  • Nbula Nga Free

    Junior The Blessed Kid

  • Days & Nights

    Buzzy Papo

  • Motijugor

    Buzzy Papo
  • Jejeh

    Buzzy Papo
  • Nseh Keh Di

    Junior The Blessed Kid
  • Bando

    Buzzy Papo
  • Etats d'esprit

  • FaloSID

    SID & Falo
  • GraffiSID

  • Street SID


Some swiss deejays missing some vibes (covid), it's been one year without having massive so we did a mix, on a saturday afternoon, that will bring your directly ina di party !! Dancehall massiv, we a come... Bless !

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    Crisis management and support

Don Trotti Records | Don Trotti

We are a music label that highlights worldwide artists in their musical fields. As a result, we organize intercultural musical exchanges through the organization of different events, tours, studio sessions, lessons, photoshooting, video filming, distribution, puslishing and social & charity action.

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