LORD RC - Concert - Montreux Jazz Festival

Don Trotti - Blog - 2016-11-14 - LORD RC - Concert - Montreux Jazz Festival

LORD RC - Concert - Montreux Jazz Festival

We will perform at the Montreux Festival Jazz at 19pm.

You can find all the information about the event with this link: http://montreuxjazzfestival.com

The message is transmitted orally. Heir to the urban griots, perpetuating the tradition of a prose story, Lord RC is one of those artists whose voice echoes like an echo.

The album is called "A Voice in Your City". This "voice" is the style Lord RC, its identity, since musically it does not set a limit. Akhenaton, Curtis Mayfield, J-Cole, Talib Kwely, Renaud, 113 are all influences that can be felt in the diversity of his songs. The rapper has this little something elusive. But as he himself says: "As long as music is good, as long as music has a soul ..."
This "voice" in the city is also that of all those who do not. Those that society would want to put aside.

The album includes collaborations with confirmed artists of the rap-art scene (L'Affaire, Jo2Plainp, B-Bess, Infernal Riot) and even international with the Dutch TheMaskid.
Production side: ArgoDaHitmaker, Rizou, No Games, FRZ or FeenHertz from Romania.

Get ready for an eclectic Hip-Hop project, musically and textually, oscillating between modern vibe and "golden age" style.

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