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Don Trotti is a deejay, beatmaker, recorder, ingeneer, artistic director, artist & tour manager in hip-hop and reggae industry since 2014

Don Trotti | About


Don Trotti is a Swiss citizenship, originaly from Italy, who grew up in the Geneva region of Switzerland. He followed all his schooling in the Waad region. Thereafter, he joined the engineering school in the field of computer science for a sound engineer training. He is fluent in French, Italian, German, English and Thai by learning the language in these countries.

During these trips around the world he was able to deepen his knowledge and experiences through the various cultures encountered. His skills taught him to be professional and versatile. Since then, he continues to explore the world through his multiple musical shows and experience.

Passion for music

His passion for music started as a teenager. His ear was formed on American productions: Afrika Bambaataa, Grandmaster Flash, DJ Red Alert, Wu-Tang, Notorious BIG, Cypress Hill, Dr. Dre, Busta Rhyme and many more. His influences also stem from his mother tongue, French: NTM, IAM, Assassin, Time Bomb, Lunatic, DJ Cut Killer, DJ Dee Nasty, La Cliqua.

Driven by the desire to share music with a large audience, from the age of 18 years old, he organized his first experience in organizing events and festival

He has worked with several local artists from the Geneva and Lausanne region.

Don Trotti | His departure for Asia

Departure for Asia

In 2002, he decided to travel and discover the cultures of Asia. He moved to Bangkok in 2004.

Also trained as a web designer at Adobe in 2010, he had to put a stop to his musical career to complete professional training.

When he finds back his turntables, vinyls, MPC, etc. He collaborates in Bangkok with several local actors, active in the Hip-Hop scene under the name of "Don Trotti".

He gained notoriety, following his collaboration with Thai clothing brand "13 Crowns" and for his involvement for the equipment supplier "Thai Senior" on the underground hip-hop scene in Thailand. Through this, he met many artists ; (Bankk Cash, DJ Bouddha, Way Thaitanium, Joker T, Big Top, Balcony Pain. Cobrak, Singthai and many more).

Don Trotti | About
  • Don Trotti | His engagement in Freaky Friday
  • Don Trotti | His engagement in Freaky Friday

Engagement in Freaky Friday

Still underway in 2014, he joined a rap collective from French-speaking Switzerland called "Freaky Friday" and became their Official DJ. He also takes care of various computer and graphic tasks.

  • Don Trotti | His collaboration with DJ Postman
  • Don Trotti | His collaboration with DJ Postman
  • Don Trotti | His collaboration with DJ Postman
  • Don Trotti | His collaboration with DJ Postman
  • Don Trotti | His collaboration with DJ Postman

Collaboration with DJ Postman

From 2014, he began his cooperation with "DJ Postman" on the albums "Love The Riddim". He becomes his partner with whom they take part in 2 tours in Thailand, 1 in Beirut (Lebanon) and 8 in Gambia (West Africa). They try to export their music across several horizons.

"Swiss Gambia Association"

During his first trip to Gambia in 2015, he met the famous Gambian selecta "DJ Hans" from Legal Sound International. From their first meeting a complicity settles and they decide to collaborate on a mix tape called "The Gambia connect to the world Vo 1". The goal is to highlight Gambian reggae artists.

Meeting real success locally and in Europe. They decided to create an association in Switzerland and in Gambia under the us of “Association Suisse-Gambie. With the latter they worked in Gambia by creating a label, a recording studio and a web radio.

The association is in contact with the Gambian Ministry of Arts and Culture and Swiss culture.

Fundraising is in action in order to promote swiss & gambian reggae artists and educate youth about the true value of reggae in order to be able to export to Europe through Switzerland.

The implementation begins in September 2016 in The Gambia for the start of the project. Don Trotti started the various trainings within the Legal Sound International team. They also chose music as a means to help a school of blind young people with a weekly musical lesson in which a local blind singer "Junior SPices" participates. He also cooperates on the project.

  • Don Trotti | His project "Swiss Gambia Association"
  • Don Trotti | His project "Swiss Gambia Association"
  • Don Trotti | His project "Swiss Gambia Association"

Since 2015, he went twice on tour in Gambia and Senegal and was able to continue the construction of his project with the construction of the Studio Swiss Gambia in Sukuta with the collaboration of Natty-Nat of Freedom Sound. They are officially recognized by the state of The Gambia by the "National Arts and Culture" entities and the Gambian Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Don Trotti | About
  • Don Trotti | His collaboration with Shaëtan

Collaboration with Shaëtan

They met on a soccer field in Bangkok with an expat Swiss community there, they directly had a friendly contact and the same passion for music.

As soon as Don Trotti returns to Switzerland, he decides to work together on their first project called "Warm Up". From there, they work together and make several local scenes in order to practice their passion.

Beginning of the 2017, they realesead new Shaëtan album called "01"

A new album is upcoming. They ve been working on 2 years. Taking the level upper with new international collaborations.

Don Trotti | Shaëtan

Current projects

Since his return to Switzerland in 2014, he is working on several projects:

Past projects

Since 2014, he has worked on these projects:

  • EP in 2018 in collaboration with YoungP
  • 2017-19 co-organizers Jump Up Festival in Geneva
  • 2016-2019 collaboration with Muchach
  • 2015-2017 collaboration with Lord RC
  • 2016-2020 with Shaëtan
  • 2019-2020 Weekly program called "Hip-Hop Time"
  • Collaboration with US/TH rapper Dennis Thaikoon from LA
  • 2022 Founder of Don Trotti Radio
Don Trotti | Projects