Freaky Friday Concert

The MC Supafaya launches the project "Freaky Friday" in 2010. It is soon joined by Redstar and the various MC's and Beatmakers of the collective. The various people who pass by are caught up in the game and the "Freaky Friday" has quickly become the opportunity for many artists to get to know, share and face friendly. An atmosphere per cake emerges from the evenings Freaky Friday, in which mix rivalry, desire to do well and, of course, friendship.

LORD RC - Concert - Une Voix Dans Ta Ville

The message is transmitted orally. Heir to the urban griots, perpetuating the tradition of a prose story, Lord RC is one of those artists whose voice echoes like an echo. The album is called "A Voice in Your City". This "voice" is the style Lord RC, its identity, since musically it does not set a limit.
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